Puttin' On My Big Girl Shoes!

My husband and I had this very funny conversation while we were on vacation in Miami last week.

I forgot what sparked this conversation.
I think it was because I was complaining about wearing these heels I had just baught and it seemed like I couldn't walk in them. We parked quite a ways away from the club and after standing in line for about 30 mins, I could hardly make it back to the car!

I used to rock stillettos all the time to parties and the club about 3 years ago. No problem.

Am I getting old?

I was thinking it was maybe because I usually wear flats all week to work and then only tennis shoes or heels on the weekend if we go out to a club or something. I guess I just like being comfy at work since sometimes depending on what's going on I have walk...ALOT!

My husband proceeded to tell me that I was too old to be wearing flats to work all the time. He said that I was a grown woman now and needed to at least be wearing heels into work and then change to flats and wear them out of work when I leave to go to the car.

Can you believe this?

He has alot of nerve! I sort of agree with him though. I have many cute heels in my closet. Some that I've only worn twice. I just got in that rut of only wearing flats to work for the comfort factor.

What do you think ladies? Do you perfer comfy shoes or cute heels for your work attire?


  1. ill take cute and comfy or $1000 nichole! haha seriously i agree with the both of you...but maybe alternating between the two just to get your feet used to wearing them again.

  2. Hey! I'm glad some one's with me. I tried wearing heals today, which wasn't so bad since it was a non-hectic day, I was sitting most the time. Thanks for the comment Kenzie!!!