At The Amusement Park

In Kansas City, Missouri we don't have a Six Flags we have what is called World's of Fun. Now this is a pretty cool amusement park that I've been going to since I was little like many Kansas Citians. They have spinning rides, roller coasters and all the normal amusement park attractions (i.e. Funnel Cakes, my favorite).

My husband and I had been trying to get out to WOF for quite sometime.

Last Summer we were getting ready to go and that weekend and I found out I was pregnant. This Summer we tried and tried to find someone to watch our son and things kept falling through. One weekend I got sick, another weekend we tried to go and then another weekend my husband was sick. So no good!

We finally made our excursion there at the begin of the September. It was a warm 85 degrees out but perfect for still riding the water rides and such.

As we walked around the park and stood in line for rides we began to converse on some our previous experiences as children and teens going to World's of Fun with friends, significant others and for school functions. This place never gets old! For us 30 something year olds' it's still a thrill! Some what of a city treasure/monument that never gets old.

We rode almost all the rides, minus the spinning ones...my husband doesn't do spinning rides they tend to make him sick. Although I did make him get on this new ride called the "Steelhawk". It takes you up about 300 feet in the air and spins you around fairly fast. I enjoyed it, my husband...not so much!

Now in our 30's we noticed roller coasters jolting and thrilling turns didn't use to bother us at all...some of those rides tho are almost 20 some years old and can be quite rickety.

Needless to say we did get off some of the roller coasters with mild headaches, they eventually went away though.

After slices of pizza, dippin' dots, a shared funnel cake and a giant $15 hamburger meal we were almost ready to go home about 9:30 pm after being at the park for 8 hours.

I love the way amusement parks light up at night though...I got some pretty good shots of rides at night!

All in all it was a great day...it kind of turned into a mommy and daddy day out for us too, which was much needed.

This is what 8 hours in the sun and having fun looks like for me LOL

-Nicole Alicia

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