Fall Memories

I love this time of year!

Not because of the weather change though, because I hate cold weather!

It's because it's Football season!!!
All the leaves are falling off the trees and the smell of warm pumpkin spice or apple spice just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.

There is a sense of nostalgia in the air when fall hits for me!
Remembering my years in college at MWSU walking across campus in St. Joseph, Missouri when the air was crisp and cool early in the morning.

All I had to worry about was when I was coming back to take a nap in between classes.

The morning was best before an 8am class when campus wasn't really buzzing quite yet.

Things were so still and so set.

Campus was the prettiest when the sun was just rising and you could barely feel the warmth on you face through the chill in the air.

I do miss the games, homecoming and seeing friends on a daily and those cute guys on campus with the gorgeous smiles and fly swaggers, most of all the carefree or almost carefree-ness of being a college student.

-Nicole Alicia

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