Lord, What has This World Come To

I work at a financial institution and the other day I get a email meeting request to attend a "Active Shooter Training".

Now I have had robbery training when I worked at a credit union but this is different.

When you're at work do you even think about some fruity loop coming in your job and wanting to shoot up the place?

I usually don't either, but seriously in this day in age you have to be aware of your surroundings and what's going on. Its just happening way to often!

 I did find the meeting to be informational and it made me really think, where would I go and what would I do if somebody were to come into our office and start shooting? What would I do if I were in a movie theater, a library, at the club, at church, basically anywhere?

To give you just a brief idea, I sit in a pretty secured area that has two exits and I could hide under my desk. Also I'm by a stairwell so that's a pretty quick exit.

All of these things I never would have even thought of my first job out of college almost 10 years ago but unfortunately in today's society these are things we have to think about.

Sadly my co-worker informed me that at some school's they even have the kids do drills for an active shooters in the school. That makes me so sad when I hear about things like this!

When I was in school we only did tornado drills and fire drills.

This is a reality of our society now but what happened? Why is this happening so frequently!

What a scary world we live in!

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