Accept It and Move On

Today was my first day at a new office, in a new role.

Not entirely new but with added duties, I should say!

I have been working for this certain company for almost 3 years and I really like it. I've been at the same location for this almost 3 years as well. At the same desk with the same set of co-workers.

Sure I have visited this other office to fill in from time to time for another co-worker but never stayed very long. Only probably worked there 2 weeks off and on out of a whole year.

Well in late summer they decided that part of our office in Missouri should move to this other newer location in Kansas.

One, I hate moving! 
Two, I hate moving!
Three, I always hate putting stuff back the way I thought it was...it never ends up being how it was (major OCD moment)

Even when I have to move personally, I hate it! I always loose stuff, then find it years later like "Oh yeah I forgot I put that in that box."

Let alone move my desk, my stuff, all my files. Blahh, Blahh, Blahh.

I started whining immediately when I found out, I didn't want to leave my co-workers in this old office I had been at, people I had grown to love and some I had grown to border line hate or "heavily dislike" as I would like to put it.

The more I am in the business industry the more I see that change is really inevitable.

The older I get though it just, ughhhhhhhh.....

It just irritates me and it gets harder to adjust.

I'll adjust and get settled in, it's just very difficult!

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  1. You are too funny. I pray you are getting settled in the new office. I so feel you though because I can't stand moving either. On the bright side you get to bless a new group of people with your presence and love :)