Forgiveness Is Important

Have you ever thought you had forgiven some or forgot about someone until you maybe ran into that person one day? Or perhaps you thought you had gotten over something that happened so long ago that caused you a great deal of pain and confusion.

But what if this person began popping his or her head up at places around your city, like the club or party you attended. Or even your place of worship? Do feelings of bitterness or resentment start to resurface? What do you do?

Well...let me tell you a little story......

I had someone from my past that I had basically been running from and thought I had forgiven years ago suddenly resurface.

I can't say he's back in my life. Because he's NOT at all!

But, now I might ended up seeing this person on a weekly basis....Weekly basis, meaning church y'all.

Now this particular person and me had history dating all the way back to high school and all the way through College. A lot of stuff happened and I ended up putting up with a lot of unnecessary mess.

I did a lot of crying and constantly being hurt by this person. I was so confused back then. Things eventually ended, but I felt I never fully let go because I felt I had been there for him and been the best girlfriend I could have been and still was treated like crap.

Moral of the story is that I was sadly holding on to this anger and bitterness of something that ended almost 10 years ago.

Baggage is heavy ladies!

Forgive yourself and that person and LIT...LET IT GO!

Giving energy to a person and being stuck in the past is not healthy nor productive!

Also once you do.....you'll feel so much, much better :)

(Repost from 2012)

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