Radio These Days

I used to like to listen to the Radio at work.

I also liked (past tense) to listen to the local Radio station in my car. Not so much any more.

**Side note to self: Get satellite radio subscription immediately!**

These days I find myself searching for a CD in my car or at work listening to Pandora. Mainly old stuff like Gap Band, Missy Elliot or Rick James channel.

If I hear Taylor Swift's song, "Shake It Off" one more time!!!   Grrrrrr

Lately, I've been super bothered by not only the repetitiveness of the selections played, but the content of the songs on the radio stations these days...well lets say it leaves much to be desired.

Don't get me wrong though, I am a big fan of hip hop and rap and other genres of music!
In general I just haven't found anything on the radio except for Kendrick Lamar and my old school jams that I really like to listen to a lot.

Now I don't mind what I call "a rachet song or rachet music" selections every now and then.

You know the ones that make you wanna dance in the car and have someone look over at you at the stop light like, "what in the heck is that person doing?" (A Beyonce song will do this to me everytime!)

I guess I just prefer less cursing in my music and more content. That is rare with secular music though these days.

One song in particular, that is was really in heavy rotation on every Hip Hop station in 2014 was the song "Lifestyle" by Young Thug.

Today, I have to Google the lyrics to songs because I don't know what they are saying anymore!

I feel so old sometimes and I thought to myself is it just me? But no, it's not!

One of my favorite youtubers, known mistly for the series, "Awkward Black Girl" Ms. Issa Rae did a review on the song "Lifestyle" and I find her sarcasm about some of the songs she reviews to be hilarious!

Prime example of why I probably shouldn't be listening to the Radio so much anymore, anyway.

I don't understand what they are talking about!

Thank you Issa for breaking this down for the simple people like me!

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