Birthday Party Anxiety

I'm proud to say, I'm the mom of a 1 year old!

3 days before he was supposed to heave his birthday party he became sick with some sort of virus. On top of that he had an ear infection.

I thought we were going to have to cancel the party I had been planning and anticipating for weeks! 

I had become very anxious about the birthday party. This was my first time planning such an event and I wanted everything to turn out great.

I searched for venues around town to have a 1 years old birthday at to prevent having it our apartment. Even though we have a pretty large place, I could just see too many people showing up that didn't RSVP and having a packed uncomfortable situation. 

A nightmare of anxiety for me. (I can't stand to be in small spaces with a lot of people)

Since my son isn't walking yet and just really started to crawl and explore about a month and a half ago, 

Well my husband disagreed. He wanted to invite everyone over for the party! Every

I only sent out about 10 invites and about 20 people came including kids.

The party didn't turn out nearly as bad as I had expected. Everyone seemed to have a good time. My son had an awesome time playing with all the other babies and his other cousins as well.

Oh and people left at a decent time. 

Next year though, I'll be definitely planning this somewhere other than our home. So someone else can clean up the mess!

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