Facebook Time-out

In recent years I have become anti-social media for several reasons.

Here lately I have done the same again all because I feel like it's becoming some sort of daily brag book and yes I am guilty of participating also.

My husband had always thought it was corny to get on social media and talk to those who were in your phone book on your phone. "Why talk to someone that you can text or call that is your friend in real life on Facebook?"

Yes this makes a ton of sense. He removed himself off of social media for several reasons, but I just took the app off my phone yesterday for another.

This Valentine's Day that recently passed got quite out of hand for my "friends" that I follow.

Jelous? Not by any means, but I found it a bit redundant that people had to post pictures of themselves and there "Bae" over and over and what they had bought them or what they had received!

Scrolling down my timeline, time after time I have seen pictures of Joy. Pictures of weddings, pictures of their newborns, pictures of pregnancy and on and on. I enjoy this type of news!

Don't get me wrong these are all wonderful, but I think those who posted what they got for Christmas, Valentines are being a bit boastful.

When did Facebook turn into an all out "brag book"!

The redundancy gets to me sometime and I will admit, I do start to compare myself or my life to another's which I don't want to get in the habit of.

Keeping up with the Jones is not for me, but may be for some others

It's just good to take a break every once in awhile to re-focus.

Plus, in reality lets admit it people, everyone we are "friends" with on FB are not really our Friends!

Sorry to walk down your street as the saying goes, but if your look at how may "friends" you have on FB are they really your "Friend" or an acquaintance?

I know many people on my list are people I was friends with along time ago, but now don't really know.

Just something to think about...

I'll be back on FB in the future, but right now...I'm taking a break!

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