If I Could Get Out Of My Way

Some days I feel I have a lot to say and can write for hours.
Some days, I am afraid to write.

I need to get that spark back, that inspiration.

Day to day life can be inspiring in it's self, but also a big creative killer.

Does this make sense to any writer?

I was told that if you want to be writer, you have to write everyday. And that you should never not know what to write about.

Is it bad that often times I put so much though into a topic that I don't write about it at all. I scare myself.

It is so possible to stifle yourself, yes it is!

Getting in ones own way can be quite tricky!


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about writing every day if it doesn't suit you/ the words don't come that day. Writing should be an act of expression, kind of like dancing.

    But the best lesson I've learnt is if you don't read, you can't write, so for me, reading a lot more helps me focus on what I need to write... of course I still struggle with deadlines though ha :)

  2. Hi Kam!
    I agree. When I don't force it, the words do flow and keep flowing!!!
    -Nicole Alicia