Vallejo Legend Performs In Small Club?

This past weekend one of the biggest self-made rappers ever came to Kansas City, Missouri again. 

I knew that he was on tour for his new album released late last year. This concert wasn't heavily promoted here and my husband only told me about the concert a week before.

Anyone who really knows me knows that I'm a lover of music of all types. From Carrie Underwood to Snoop Dogg to Kirk Franklin I love it all, old school and new! 

E-40's messages of hustle and struggle are relate-able, mixed in with his own lingo of which it seems he seem he his own language almost. But at the same time he is a rapper that wants to have fun and kick it. I dig it!

I think the first song that I learned by heart that everyone in 7th grade new in my crew was , "Sprinkle Me." I may sound like an old head, but I can still rap the whole song!  

In my previous article about Usher and August Alsina concert this year not even coming here I complained. Now that we did get a big name, it was at a club. A Club that probably at most held 500 people, which was to say the least disappointing.
I've always been paranoid of going to clubs and I have been to see former Strange Music artist Kutt Kalhoun perform, but it was a much larger club venue that we had in KCMO that shut down.

Don't get me wrong I've done my fair share of partying in this city and even though most of them have changed their names a few times, I'm still familiar with the inside. I've also had some pretty close calls and nothing is like turning on the news the next morning after clubbing to see there was a shooting minutes after you left. 

Last time E-40 was in KCMO, he was at the Uptown Theatre, which has a capacity of about 1500 I'd say in the main theatre. But last time he was here June 2013 I was pregnant, so I wasn't even going to a concert.

But is it just me or does Kansas City have a tendency to put legendary rappers and other artists in small venues when they deserve better and have the fans to fill the seats? Does this happen in other larger cities like our I-70 neighbors in St. Louis?

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