The Movie It Was DOPE!

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Once in awhile I see films that speak to my inner nerd or touch on memories of days gone past. This film did just that!

On a rare occasion, now that my husband and I are parents, we get to venture off on date night.Last Friday we decided on dinner, a movie. We decided to see the movie Dope, produced by Pharell and directed by Rick Fumuyima the same guy who did the movie "The Wood". 

First let me start off by saying, convincing characters, a good plot and great visual effects/videography!

There are so many stereotypes today about young black men and I was glad to see some of those addressed in the movie.Just because you come from a bad neighborhood doesn't mean you have to do bad and not succeed. The ending of the movie did spark a good question why is it just because of someone's skin color do you have to be questioned or pigeon holed into what College you want to attend?

I loved this movie because it portrayed the simple youth of the young man, who was in fact a nerd. Struggling to become something more while getting stuck in a.sticky situation and still making the outcome positive.

It did have some awkward, yet unnecessary parts for me, like Chanel Iman walking around naked (Yes, I know who this was mainly for). But did have some humorous parts and I was glad to see De'Andre Bonds who played the character "Stacy" and also played the same character but this time a school security officer back in the movies who also played in the movie,"The Wood".

What I love most about today's society is that i I loved their whole crew though,  they weren't trying to fake and be something they weren't to fit in, they were just doing them and I love that about this generation! 

If you have a chance to go see it!

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