A True Artist:Warren "Stylez" Harvey

If his work were music, it would be quite an eclectic mix. Perhaps a mix between Jill Scott and Stevie Wonders light funk tunes of the 70's? It's hard to describe! On a hot summer afternoon, my husband, my son and I found our selves wondering through a magnificent art show of a Kansas City artist Warren "Stylez" Harvey. 

A benevolent use of eye-popping, eye-catching colors on these works of art. The piece below caught my eye and made me feel warm, warm enough to make you think you were walking through the park on a cool Fall day. Also, the beautiful depictions of natural hair, beauty and African-American cultural draws me in immediately. 

Not only does he do abstract but most involve subjects of some sort. One painting in particular, displayed perhaps an african princess posing for a brief portrait. 

His ability to paint portraits is amazing! He paints shades and eyes deep enough to look into one's soul which I find a bit spooky but wonderful.

Looking at these different pieces of artwork, its hard to pick your favorite. I had ones that I favored more than others but this particular collection, I honestly couldn't pick my favorite!

It was a most enjoyable Art Show and it is true to see that this young man is not only an inspiration to pursue your talents if you are an artist, but Warren definitely has the promise of being a legendary artist. 

I hope to buy a piece of his work for our home soon!

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  1. Wow, i really enjoyed this guys artwork! Thank you for sharing such a talented artist with us, he has definitely gained a fan.
    - Great article also, talented men and women in Cities everywhere are needing to be exposed and shared to the masses and people like you help make that happen.