Man Crush Monday: Jidenna

I first heard the song "Classic Man" by Jidenna for the first time probably this spring, but when I got to see the face that went with the name I was a bit taken back. Most recently him perform on the BET awards.When I saw the BET appearance, with all the "classic men" strolling through the isles at the award I said to myself I get it but I still don't understand the song. 

Knowing he was with one of my favorite singers camp and on Janelle Monae's label, I was looking for some sort of uniqueness with this artist and I'd say he brings just that. The lyrics are a bit confusing for me and don't go with the chorus (Yes, I looked them up).

I've said this several times now on my blog,I'm just not with a lot of mainstream artists really anymore. Everything seems redundant and dry now days, more often than.

With artists, I respect everyone who is out there on an artist level, and they definitely have the right to artistic expression and I respect true artists.

I read up a little on this young man and he's half Nigerian and half white. Hence why the hair was throwing me off.  I did think at first he was trying to be someone of another race with the straight hair with the red tint and what appear to be hazel eyes. But I had to check my own self, although he does not look like the stereo typical rapper does that make him less of an artist?

Although I am not feeling his song, I am feeling his dapper look. The "classic" look has came back in in recent years among a few, personally I think more people should go back to dressing like they're about a something. 

There's no denying he's different, but in a good way! He's educated (ladies he has a degree from Stanford), handsome, fashionable, musically talented and cute! 

I'm not understanding where this cat is coming from musically yet but maybe that's the whole point. Maybe were not supposed to get him. One thing is for sure Mr. Classic Man is handsome and that's why he's my Man crush for this Monday.


  1. The song has definitely grown on me since I first heard it and I support anything that has to do with Janelle Monae so I figured why not give it a shot. Like you said, he doesnt look like your typical rapper but I dnt think that makes him less of an artist. I think it makes him more intriguing and him being eye candy doesnt hurt lol

  2. Definitely the way he dresses doesn't make him less of any artists, if anything it probably personifies his true essence! thanks for your comment Kenzie!!