Midweek Motivation: Roadblocks

road·block -ˈrōdˌbläk
noun: roadblock; plural noun: roadblocks

1.    a barrier or barricade on a road, especially one set up by the authorities to stop and examine traffic.

Credit: Google definitions

Roadblocks. We all run into them. Sometimes daily, sometimes not some often. 

For me it's usually daily and they are so frustrating. When I say Roadblocks, I'm not speaking in the literal sense. I'm not talking about the things in the street that block you from going down the road, but rather "Life Roadblocks". It can require innovative thinking sometime.
I have had quite a few, usually work wise, relationship wise, career wise, family wise. Most recent is how I was going to continue to expand my writing career, be a wife and a mother, while working 40 hours a week. Whew!

What do we do when we have a "Life Roadblock" and it's telling us to take the detour that everyone else is takes. Otherwise known as the easy road to the destination.
Is it necessarily the way that you want to go? Think about it?

But then again detours aren't always the easy road!
When roadblocks happen, I try to find a way around it. I may stop and huff and puff about it. I try to pray about it and then work a little more. I try really hard. Sometimes you have to back up and say what next. What can I do to get around this? Sometime the answer it to keep moving forward and bust right through, other times it's to go around and find an alternate route. Whatever route you choose to take follow your heart and keep God first. He's always a good path director! Don't stop and wallow too long, press on!

Scripture reference:Proverbs 3:5

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