Midweek Motivation: Secrets to Keeping Your Sanity

As a new mom a year or so ago, I was obsessed about being around my baby 24/7, 365. I felt like if I wasn't there for him ALL the time I was being a neglectful mom.
You know the one who un-necessary leaves the kids with grandma so much so begins to think she gave birth to them?
(I know extreme right?)

My son to put it very mildly is so very, very busy!
It's not easy sometime, my husband works a lot and different hours from me so many time I am by myself with the baby. Before I know it some evenings after fixing dinner, giving a bath and getting myself together it's 9pm and I haven't even worked on any of my writing! I know I'm like most moms, we ask on a daily "where does time go".

My husband's and I's different work schedules mesh well together, but because we are budding entrepreneurs and have our own projects we are working on its hard to keep things together but we are definitely getting the hang of it.

As a mommy of 1 toddler or 6 kids, having your own time once in awhile is important.

1) You have to go out somewhere by yourself!
If you work 40 hours a week like me, your evenings can be your only means of sanity.
Find a place you enjoy going, for me it's the nail salon. I love getting my toes done when it's warm weather! Also the bookstore or just walking the park can be relaxing when it's cooler weather.

2) Daddy Time
I can only do so much before I get burnt out. My husband is awesome at knowing and understanding that I need breaks. If you can and things are right, try to share time with your child's father.
It's important not only for you but for your kid as well being.

3) Use some sort of Organizational App and a Calendar
Something about motherhood or no, it starts in pregnancy! You lose your memory! I don't know about you but I can't remember a lot of stuff just off the top of my head anymore. I need reminders and alarms!

My husband and I put everything on our personal calendars using Google Calendar. We invite each other after we post an event so both know about any appointments, vacation days or events we have for the family. I still am attached to my hard copy Passion Planner I keep in my purse. As a writer nothing beats good 'ol paper and pen!

For my many To-Do lists instead of keeping up with a ton of scrap pieces of paper, I use Wunderlist and Evernote. I jot down ideas for blog posts, short stories, quotes, basically everything.

4) Prayer
Prayer on a daily basis! I pray that I am able to just simply keep up and that God bless me with enough energy to do so. I also read a daily devotional that gives me a bit of inspiration!

We all have our personal preferences of what works for us but these are just a few that I thought I'd share with you guys.

After you do these things on a regular basis, whatever your schedule allows, repeat and most importantly enjoy! Stress will come, frustration will come believe me I know! We plan to add to our family so I am feverishly working to master handling just one baby before we have the next and the next!

Ladies we can't take care of the family if we don't take care of ourselves! Trust me I know!


  1. Great post, Nicole! I tell you, we really can't take care of others properly unless we take care of us, first. I'm still learning and working on this. I will take these tips from you and go to the nail salon or B&N weekly just so I can get some time to myself.

    What daily devotional do you read? I need to spend more time in my Word and could definitely pray more as well.

    Thanks for these tips, love! Hope you're having a great week!

    1. Hey! Yes "Me Time" is so important. Even if it's hanging out in the bathroom with door locked watching Netflix (Yes I've do this). However you can get time to yourself! I had went to Mardel and got a 2013 version for like $5 off the discount rack. I just needed a guide to basically keep me motivated and in my word daily. It's called Daily Wisdom for Women.Glad you enjoyed the post! Here's the link...