My Fourth of July in Sedalia, MO

My husband spent many summers here at his Grandma's house and working at the State Fair in Sedalia, MO with his Grandpa. When I was told that the family reunion for his side of the family was to be in Sedalia on Forth of July weekend I was to say the least, not thrilled. 

I mean seriously, to go to some country town I had never been to before and be bored for 3 whole days (we were supposed to be there the 3rd, 4th and 5th). I mean the questions that popped in my head were, "Do they even have Wi-Fi there? A Walmart?
But, a short hour ride down 50 Highway and we entered a town that to me looked very similar to where I went to school in St. Joseph, MO , a small town about an hour north of Kansas City, MO. A two-way highway reminiscent of Belt Highway in St.Joseph lined with restaurants, gas stations and stores etc.

Many of the family members that I had been re-introduced to I had seen at our wedding 6 years ago.

We took family pictures, played at the local park, went to a historical black library and sat down to a nice banquet dinner all in one day! At the end of the end of the day we were so tired and our son had had it with the heat. We all cuddled up in bed at the hotel and went to sleep.

I even discovered a few unique antique and thrift shops and bought a very cool painting for our living room. 

Also while my hubby was showing me around town I got to take some pretty awesome photos of the town! Some very funny photos i found to be cool and fitting for this town. Who's Opie?

Front entrance to Missouri State  Fair

All in all, I was pretty surprised at everything they had in the small town and the good time I had! I'll definitely be back for more antique shopping!!!
Photo of Scott Joplin on side of building downtown Sedalia, MO

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