Nicole Alicia's Week In Review

A lot went on this hot, hot July week and here's a brief rundown...

R&B Singer Ciara and Russell Wilson

The newest cutest industry couple was seen at Espy Awards together and the Kid's Choice Awards. But due to some negative headlines they probably should have kept their business, their business!

Now I've heard some pretty harsh jokes about Ciara's new boyfriend Russell Wilson on Twitter and their decision to stay celibate until marriage. They may have wanted to take a lesson from Jay and Bey and keep the relationship comments on the low-low.

Ciara's son Future by ex-fiance' Rapper Future (why did she name that baby after him?) has started quite a mess himself opening his mouth about how they prayed after sex. Oh no!

Between both of these comments,I don't know, but I hope it dies down soon. Poor Ciara, maybe she can 1,2 step her way out of these hot waters and we call all go back to just focusing on her lovely voice and Russell's football career.

All-Star Game Players

Until last year, I hadn't really watched Baseball since I was a little girl when guys like George Brett played in the 90's. I went to a few games in High School out a Kaufman Stadium, but never really knew who the players it was more about the experience for me.

But last year since the Kansas City Royals ended up in the World Series for the first time since I was a year old I really started getting into it. This week 7 of our players were in the All-Star line up which I would say is pretty cool! Maybe we will make it to the World's Series again this year. Go Royals!

#Growingupblack on Twitter

One of my favorite hashtags of the week on Twitter that was made me laugh so hard. I have so many of things I could tweet with that hashtag. I could relate to so many of these tweet and had a good time in nostalgia-land, reminiscing on my childhood. 

Ronda Rousey's ESPY Award

An awesome fighter of whom I was introduced to via my husband, since he's a huge UFC and Boxing fan. Let me tell you this woman is merciless in the octagon! 

I so enjoyed her part in Fast and Furious 6 playing the kick-butt part of Kara, who looks very classy and dressy in the movie and ends up kicking butt!!  This week she was recognized with an award at the ESPY's . Apparently the comment she made sparked a lot of controversy. I asked my husband what she was talking about (sshhhh…he's a major Mayweather fan) he said Mayweather said in an interview that he honestly didn't know who she was. And in the words of the Notorious B.I.G, "If you don't know, now ya know".

What happened to Sandra Bland?

When I first read the article about this woman, I frowned and a knot started to form in my stomach. This didn't sound like suicide to me. It hasn't been proven yet but why would a bright young woman who had just obtained a job at prominent university kill herself in a jail cell? Makes no sense to me!

It's sickening to me, literally sickening to my stomach to hear about these deaths of people being brutally killed by police officers who are supposed to be out here protecting us.
This has got to stop! My lord, praying for this family!

I'll see y'all next week! Peace 

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