In his new video "Ain't That Something" which features excellent videography filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana with footage of him performing the song at the House Of Blues.
(Hey Nic, what was that like? How awesome!!!)

Going by the name NicDanger his Twitter reads his government name Nicholas Rodriguez, an artist from Columbia, Missouri.

Familiar with the city of Columbia from my college party days, its a big "College town" the home of Mizzou Tigers,

Although from a city most have never heard of, unless they are from Missouri or an avid College sports fan. Nic has opened for some pretty big names as well like Kansas City's own Tech N9ne and one of my favorites from middle school days Bone Thugs -N- Harmony.

"Aint That Something" tells a brief tale of you're up people want to be your friend and want to be in your life but when your trying to make it and trying to be heard and trying to get out there people tell you other wise and don't really believe in you.

This song has a real head-nodding beat, with a catchy syncopated chorus that will surely have this song stuck your head.

I got a chance to listen to his other songs and see some of his other videos he has done as well. This young cat is really making waves as an artist and has been out there on YouTube since 2012. I like that his style is a bit different and he's actually talking about something, which is so rare in mainstream hip-hop or rap these days.

I definitely think we'll be seeing on a bigger stage and more of soon.

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