Sandra Bland: Either Way Something Went Terribly Wrong

As a young black woman when the story came out I felt alarmed! I was sick and I was sad! Not only that the death seemed mysterious, but the more I read her story I could identify.

I've had several times where I have been stopped in broad day light for traffic offenses, expired tags or speeding in areas in and around Kansas City. Yes, guilty, guilty and guilty I know it.

All of these times I was in the wrong like Sandra Bland and most of the time I was just simply given a ticket and sent on my way, no big deal. But I have never been asked to step out of my car because I have always been cooperative. But my question now is does it really matter? Does it matter if you're cooperative with the cops or not?

You can end up dead if you do cooperate and you can end up dead if you don't cooperate as we've seen in so many cases.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. Period.

There has only been two occasions where it just took an excessive amount of time like 30 plus minutes of waiting for a simple traffic stop (eh-em Kansas cops) and I could tell the cop was just desperately trying to find something on me like a warrant or unpaid tickets or other charges but nothing was coming up.

As for watching the whole dash cam video, I can't. I have read the articles and hearing about it on the news makes my heart drop and takes my breath away.If she was having "suicidal tendencies" like the police are saying why wasn't she being checked on. You can usually tell when someone is acting different or a little off if you're in law enforcement. Either they acknowledged it and ignored it or they didn't notice.

Also I was reading on CNN.com that she had attempted suicide by taking pills in 2014 after loosing a baby. Now that really stopped me because I have been through that 3 times and miscarriage is no joke (I'm guessing this is what they were talking about). Not only are you're hormones terribly messed up, it jacks with you emotionally! I have never wanted to take my own life but you feel as if no one understands your loss unless you have truly gone through it. Which does make you depressed!

From all that has happened though this mess of white officers killing blacks I am scared.

As a teen living in South Kansas City when I started driving at 16, I was never really concerned about getting stopped by the police. I only traveled to East Kansas City to see my grandparents and to go to church. But still I was a black female so I felt safe. I can honestly say now that if an officer asked me to get out of the car for a traffic stop I will be scared for my life. Heck, I'm just scared period to get pulled over.

Today hearing the autopsy reports, I'm still a bit baffled. What were the marks on her wrist and back from? What about the weed in her system? And more importantly what does all this have to do with why she ended up dead, in a jail. And then the claims that her mugshot was taken after she was deceased and lying on the floor? I'm sick y'all!

I am sad that another young black life has been taken off this earth and I am sad for the family. My prayers and condolences go out to them that they may find answers that somehow lead to healing.

Ladies, I need your thoughts on this? A suicide or a murder?


  1. I am so saddened by the death of Sandra Bland. I've experienced so many different emotions when I read and heard details about her story---hurt, anger, confusion, fear... the list goes on. You know how sometimes you are so distraught that you can't even articulate how you feel? The things that are happening in today's society makes me angry and afraid for my people.

    No matter how it happened, the police department is STILL responsible. They still literally have her blood on their hands.

    1. Yes, I am truly afraid too! The whole thing literally makes me sick to my stomach! I just pray her soul is at rest...but this is becoming a daily occurrence in the news. It's ridiculous!