The Beef That Everyone's Tuned In To

No one's titled it yet but I'd like to call it "The Beef That Everyone's Tuned In To" and by far the funniest if you're on Twitter with these Gif's and meme's!

The fact that this started as a snitch/diss fest last week led on by Rapper Meek Mill.To the general public no one really knew who he was until he became associated with girlfriend Rapper Nicki Minaj.

When I found out about this so called beef ...wait wait can we really call it a beef? Anywayz...

 Meek Mills accusations are a bit petty to say the least!
A tale I choose not to believe.

Never hate on another man's success. It's in poor taste.
I understand he was trying to call him out as being a fake, I get this.
Let this be said though, if he doesn't write all his raps, so be it.

I do understand the essence of hip-hop but my goodness people! I am 200% sure IF he didn't write his raps, he's not the first or the last. But this whole thing is fishy isn't it?

Hot97's Funk Flex was said to have a diss record from Meek Mill to air tonight and people are still waiting...

Drake's old stuff was nice, not my favorite as of lately, but I do think he wrote his own diss record, "Charged Up".

If you haven't heard or if you have... let's hear it again:

Maybe if Meek Mill ever does come with a track and they release it...I'll post it as well...but probably not :)

You know what I say, "Can't we all just get along", but that would make the hip-hop, well the whole music world so dull!

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