4 Ways To Help Share Your Talents and Stop Wasting Them

Back in March one of our pastors preached a sermon with the topic, "Don’t Waste It" that spoke to me particularly from Matthew 25: 14-30.

More than anything I think I hate to see people who are super talented or gifted waste their talents. Especially people who are just scared of succeeding, so they don't even bother really trying.

 It bothers me when I see this!

I've been there though and still get in that place from time to time. But when you have a calling and you try to ignore it, it will just keep eating away at you until you finally surrender to it. 

See for me this love for writing isn't a chore because I love to do it! I think it just came naturally; I always scored high in language arts and English in school as well, because I had a genuine love for the art.

We're not put on this earth to just merely exist! I feel very sorry for people who think this or feel this.

 We have a purpose!

The challenge is finding out what that may be. I think some are born knowing and then for us extra ordinary folks we have to search for it.

God gives us talents. I believe some have more than others. Whether, it's making others laugh, teaching, the gift of gab (I like to call it "mouthpiece"), making things or painting. Small or big, they are all gifts that should be used wisely.

Isn't it interesting, unless you go to a school for the performing arts, mainly in the public school we aren't exactly taught that we should pursue our passion or what we have a talent for. That has to come from home or within ourselves.

 Most of us are just told something along the lines that we should just choose a career that pays a lot of money, go to school get a degree so we won't be broke. Now how's that for misdirection!

Don't get me wrong, not encouraging anyone to become a starving artist, of course you have bills and responsibilities as an adult.

If you're one of the slow learners like me and realized mid-way through college or there after what it was you wanted to be or do for the rest of your life, let me tell you you're not alone.

 Don't get me wrong either, using your talents doesn't have to be your main occupation, but if you can do that, it's a beautiful thing! 

I don't want to sound too preachy,but here's some things I found that worked for me:

1. Stop listening to the masses, get somewhere and get really still. Then listen, real good! God is always speaking to us, guiding us but sometimes (more often than not) we're too busy to listen!

2. If you can do what makes you happy, go for it and the residuals of that usually come later.

3. Share it, don’t spare it! There are so many ways now to share your talents, with the world even. YouTube, Etsy, Blogger etc. Whether it's writing, comedy or whatever you don't know how you might be an inspiration to someone else.

4. Make time! This is the most difficult part for me and I know especially if you're a mom like me, it is for you too.Somehow I manage to squeeze stuff in, wherever I can here and there.

I know it sounds really cliché, but life is short and this isn't a dress rehearsal! 

Why waste time, go for it!


  1. This is actually something that I am currently dealing with as a person who has a passion for both the sciences (biochemistry) and the arts (music, writing, etc). For the sake of refraining from putting a lot of my personal business out there, I do know that if I was given certain freedoms, my life could be ALL about music right now; it's only a part of my life right now. In fact, I am gearing up to performing at a church today. However, as I am emerging into adulthood and trying to get a better sense of who I am, things are slowly but surely coming together. Thanks for writing this Nicole. :)

    1. Its hard to choose one thing and if you're multi talented in many areas. A Lot the time you don't have to choose :) I feel you though, why does it have to be all about one thing? Thanks for you comment Mary!