Monday Motivation: My First Job Experience

This week since most kids are going back to school or have already started school, I thought I would do kind of a “Back To School” Theme! Most of us go to school for 12 + years to get that degree so we can get that really good paying job, right? But we have to start somewhere first. So here a little story about “My First Job Experience” and I hope you’ll share with me yours, so comment below!!!

About 14 years ago I had my first job. I laugh now at the fact that I put up with such craziness and such for almost 3 months!

I wasn’t what you’d call a “privileged” child, but I wasn’t a kid who was forced to get a job. My parents weren't really keen on the idea of me having a job during the school year, because my focus was to be on my studies.

My momma told me, “If you make your own money you can do what you want with it” so that’s exactly what I intended to do.

I asked when I turned 15 1/2 because I knew a few kids from our school were working down at the local grocery store, Price Chopper here in Kansas City.

I didn't get an "allowance" per se from my parents, but when I wanted anything or to go somewhere they would give me cash, no problem. There were things I wanted to do like get my nails done at a salon, my mom told me no,  “I'm not paying for that”.
All the girls were getting acrylic sets with airbrush designs done on there nails that I thought was absolutely fly!

Even at that age I knew, I had to be able to do my own thing! So that may I set out to get a job. I applied a few different places at the mall, places I knew some of my classmates worked or that I could get too easily on the bus.

When I was called in for an interview I was thrilled!

I went in for an interview, and even though I was interviewing for a bagger at a grocery store. I had my little white blouse and black skirt on with some nice black wedges. The guy asked me a couple of questions and said I could start next week.

Some of the things I was working for things I needed and wanted. You know ridiculous things like to get those shoes your parents won’t get you and gas money. I was proud of my little $150 plus dollars every two weeks! I thought I was really rich.

Pushing grocery baskets in 90 to 100 degree weather and dealing with uber picky customers that wanted their groceries bagged a very specific way was not my idea of a career move but it was a stepping stone.

You had to stand on your feet for a long time, no leaning and no sitting. It was hard I got my first job experience which I was grateful for in the end.

Next school year, my senior year my parents decided I could work during the school year, if I wanted to. So I got a job that fit me a little better, working at a bookstore! Still I had to stand on my feet the entire time, but I was inside, in air condition and got to be surrounded with books…what could be better!

My point is in saying all of this, is that we all have to start somewhere. Some start later than others and that’s okay. But if you’re in just starting out in job remember, if it’s not for you use this as a stepping stone to get where you want to go.


  1. I started working when I was 21 years old. My mom wanted me to just go to school and not work. I am from Haiti, and I had to master my English before I could get a job, anyway. To make a long story short, I hated my first job, but I loved the money. I kept calling sick until I got fired. My next job was a little better, working for a French restaurant in Manhattan. I enjoyed it despite the rude customers. I did that job until I finished college. I got married right after that and found a better job.
    I hate not being happy. If I am not happy for whatever reason, I will make excuses. Lol
    Great post. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. I know Nerline, I don't know many folks who really honestly like their first job. It was just that a JOB! LOL You were braver than me I was always scared to be a waitress, I think I would have been fired the first day for telling some rude customer what I really thought! Thanks for sharing!