More Than Social Media Influencers

Browsing through news stories, I stumbled upon a very interesting article about what's being called the,  "New" Civil rights movement. Mainly about the justice seekers/activist that are going after several different issues via Social Media. I was pleasantly surprised that CNN was even highlighting this on their front page.

The article highlights activist, both male and female, who are all around there 30's except for a couple. These young folk are really out there pushing for change, for justice and doing something to forge change since Mike Brown and Trevon Martin's deaths.

Previous generations that experienced the first real Civil Rights Movement like my mom and dad's era in the 50's and 60's, there are so many more ways, (other than a newspaper) to get these issues out there for the world to see.
I believe if we push hard enough and be loud enough people will listen. Social Media is a perfect platform!
It has been said that the revolution will not be televised, but it was when we all watched the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.

And like previous generations, our generation is tired and will not stand for the un-justice that is become such a sickening common occurrence these days.
Let me tell you how proud I am to see young black activists, my age at the fore front of this fight. It means a lot when you see someone who you can relate to.

In the article, Carruthers , McKesson, King, Yates and others are referred to as "social media influencers" but are much more than that!
With hashtags, #BlackWorkMatters, #DreamDeffenders,#BlackLivesMatter,#WeTheProtestors, #SayHerName,#IfWeAintSafeInChurch,#YouOkSis,#MikeBrown,#MappingPoliceViolence,#JusticeTogether,#Ferguson we're not just starting something we are saying something!

I'm urging you ladies to go read this article when you get a chance, it's so important for us not only to know what's going on in our communities but what's going on in the World around us.

Check it out: http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2015/08/us/disruptors/

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