MTV VMA's Gets Even Messier

Miley Cyrus wears trashy outfits for ratings, Kim looks like her booty is battling the baby bump, husband Kanye showboats but gives the speech of the century and Justin Bieber cries on stage

Oh and Nicki comes at Miley for the previous weeks comments in the media and she was not playing. Can we all look at our neighbor and say "Neighbor, don't come for me, unless I send for you!"

All of these things took place on the MTV VMA's last night. 

Last year and the year before that and the year before that, I remembered watching not being amused at all, because once again they turned it into the "Taylor Swift Awards". Read below who won this year...

Although last year Queen Bey performed and outstanding performance, that I won't soon forget.

This year much of the same and it seems though I was waiting for this Kanye acceptance speech. I saw the list of performers last week and wasn't looking forward to anyone's performance in particular other that Pharrell.

However, one of my favorite artist Kendrick Lamar didn't anything, but was nominated for a couple of different categories which I was a bit upset about.

But Kanye's wandering speech that dissed the very show he was on gave us life, did it not? 

I have been a Kanye fan since day one and although he admittedly said his speech was a bit of drug induced rant, I still agreed with 95% of what he said.Then we see lil' Jaden Smith holding up the black power fist during the speech, how cute!

I let the TV stay on until Miley Cyrus performance and then I was done.

Much of what this show teaches and promotes is straight debauchery of what one part of the industry says is good music. 

It's all a popularity contest if you ask me. And it's getting more obvious every year that MTV is doing stuff for ratings.

What did you think of this years awards? Thoughts, insight, whatever, 
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