Nicole Alicia's Week In Review

Another interesting week we've had, here's my brief reflections on what stood out! Have a great weekend everyone!

Drake vs. Meek Battle Done
While earlier last week I wrote a post on how rapper Meek Mill ousted Canadian rapper Drake for not composing his own rhymes. Even after Drake hit 'em with 2 diss records, Meek came back with a weak response record no one really understood. Half of it sounded like he was talking with food in his mouth or something!

Meek Mill's Twitter has been dead for about 5 days now. Even amongst the horrendous meme's that have been passed around Twitter like the offering plate at church! We've heard him saying some slick stuff at concerts this week about Drake but nothing to news worthy. He's leaving us to believe that he's opt'd out of this race. Silence is deadly Mr. Mill, especially to your career when in hip-hop. Pun intended!

Cecil The Lion
I kept hearing about this lion being killed and I kept wondering what the deal with this, so I had to look it up. This was news to me that people still kill jungle animals for fun. C'mon it's 2015 people not 1520. The lion whose home was Zimbabwe, half way around the world has sparked a major controversy. 

I am in general an animal lover and will never understand killing for sport, I just don't. Matter of fact, I even feel some type of way about fishing! Poor kitty, rest his spirit, he has had a beanie baby created in the likes of him by Beanie Baby toy maker Ty Co.

Trifling! All I have to say is, do morals and standards not exists for some any more?  Girls on twitter this week hopped on the hashtag to show who had it best. Many Tweeters like myself were disgusted to see this on our timelines! 

A debate ensued as to what should be kept between yourself and your bae versus these chicks posting raunchy pics for attention. I believe that might be the problem with this generation, no society it's self…nothing is kept to themselves!

Anniversary of Mike Brown Shooting
On August 9th, 2014 Mike Brown was gunned down and I can't believe it's been a year. So much has transpired with this and so many others have lost their lives in a similar manor with in this short period of time. This weekend the city of St Louis is to hold many peaceful protests and concert in memory of him.

I am praying that this is a weekend of peaceful protests and reflection. Even though I don't live in Ferguson, Missouri,but Kansas City, MO. I still fear for my husband, my dad, my uncles and male friends now that this has become such a common occurrence.

Where's The Rest of Malaysian Flight 370
Earlier this week it has been confirmed that a wing from missing flight MH370 has been found off a small island Reunion Island.

A flight with 239 people on board that vanished more than a year and a half ago. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist and on this one I know there are several theories as to why this airplane basically disappeared with no trace. However it seems now that they have found debris this may shed a little light on the dark situation.

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