"Straight Outta Compton" Movie Review

On a sunny Friday morning, I caught the first morning show to see this movie. To my surprise, the large theatre was packed here in South Kansas City.

I had been waiting all summer to see this widely promoted movie. The group N.W.A was the first popular "Gangster Rap Group/ Reality-Rappers" that stirred up so much controversy in the late 80's and early 90's. Long before Youtube or SoundCloud in hip-hop, you had to find a way to break into the industry and be heard. I think they did just that and more!

The movie starts in 1986. Compton in the 80's was hit hard with the crack epidemic and real police racial profiling had began. Unlike today, this part of Cali was not so widely televised and police brutality wasn't so widely publicised on TV.

I think I really started following the members after they each started their solo careers. I can resight, "It Was A Good Day and "Nothing But a "G thang" by heart when I was 7 or 8. I remember watching MTV at an early age, yes back when MTV still played music during the day. If my recollection is right, I first saw them on Yo! MTV raps.

Their story has many good messages, a lot of good messages. Also it has the alternative.I for one, was glad this wasn't just another episode of "VH1 Behind the Music" or a "Making of the Band".

This movie by seasoned director, F.Gary Gray was a excellent portrayal not only of the separate personalities but of their lifestyles in details. Their individual personalities and were they came from.

These were just kids who enjoyed the art and had a message to get out into the world. It just turned out this message spread faster than expected.

The portrayal and look of the entire group, Easy-E, Suge Knight and Cube they got dead on. Looks and everything. Dre and Snoop not so much looks wise, swagger I'd say definitely. When I see a movie, I want to walk away feeling or believing something and I think this movie did that for me. Not only were the characters believable but the story was well written and moved accordingly.

The previews that I saw on the internet and snippets on commercial didn't 

Seems during every bio flick though, there's what I like to call a ,"come to Jesus meeting" that has to happen. When Easy-E's character finally realizes he's been getting the short end of the stick and confronts his manager,that was it! 

Excellent motion picture portrayal of what we know as the real story, because we all like to hear the real story, right? 

Did you see the movie? Do you want to see it? 

Leave your comments below!!!!


  1. I finally saw this movie and really enjoyed it. Honestly i grew up during this era of music, so i already knew more then enough of the stories. From the artist interviews to the bios, a documentary or 2 and what ever else that came out in magazines, i wasn't very interested in seeing the movie at first. Surprising to me the film was a fresh aspect of just touching subjects and not boring us with stuff you should already know that's been told a million times over. It had a personal aspect, a nice glimpse of each character, i say Mr. Cube well played.

  2. Hi i-Life Style-
    I agree that the movie gave a little more insight than a documentary and I was so glad they did. I thought the actors chosen were pretty accurate as well. I mean Ice Cube's Jr. is a scary look-a-like of him. My goodness they couldn't have gotten any more closer! Thanks for your comment!