The Movie Wasn't About Dr. Dre

I think people can dig a bit too deep into things sometimes...this article is about one of those times!
Last week I read an article on Gawker.com, where Dee Barnes gives her opinion of the movie and gave an account of the actual assault that went down between her and Dr. Dre'.It also hit of his known past abusive relationship with singer Michel'le. 

After finishing the article, I had several thoughts.

It was a well written interview piece and I did appreciate the angle the writer was taking at but at the same time I began to think now why was that even necessary? We already knew about that incident along time ago, it wasn't anything new.

 Also began thinking, this wasn't a film about Dr. Dre's life! It was about N.W.A!

I was excited to see the film. Everyone in the theatre, clapped at the end as well as myself. I remembered a bit about them from my childhood, but as a writer I was just looking to see a well-written story line and a well put together visual tale. Just basically seeing how F. Gary Gray and Ice Cube, were going to cram this lengthy story into 2 hours and 30 minutes.

From all the tweets and articles I've read, apparently others were looking for something completely different.
The film "Straight Outta Compton" is #1 at the box office for the second week. This movie has stirred up several controversial topics and added fuel to the fire on ones such as police brutality, misogyny, politics and domestic abuse/violence.

Did they rap about b****'s and hoes, yes! Did they portray certain types of women in a negative light, yes! Did they do some absolutely ridiculous stuff that as grown men and fathers in their 40's probably not want to broadcast, yes!
But this was their story and not ours to tell.

The movie was largely about their music career, not about their personal lives. It slightly dipped into their personal lives; just enough to give background on where they were coming from but that was it. I felt it to be sufficient enough for me.
Reporter Tracy Brown for LA Times called the film a "sanitized" version of the real story. But I'm sure it wouldn't have even made it to the big screen, if it was anything other than that. I believe most biopics only give a piece of the story, anyway how are you supposed to summarize several years in to 2 hours?

Why can't we just take the film for what it is and leave it at that?
I'm not defending Dr. Dre's behavior and have a very serious stands on domestic violence. I have had friends who have been in that situation as well as sadly had to go to the funeral of my husband's cousin in 2011 who was beaten by her husband several times and then stabbed to death in her own living room in front of her children. So please don't think I don't understand the severity of domestic violence.

What I love about art, which most rap is art, is that it’s a depiction through that artists eyes. If that's what their reality was, that's what it was.
I even read an article that was saying, "Bye Felicia" was a derogatory saying used toward women.

This one really puzzled me, "Bye, Felicia" or as my friend used to say "Girl, bye" around my way was always a translated into "whatever" or "go somewhere". Literally, though if you saw the movie "Friday", Felicia was one beggin', annoying chick. 

Ask any dude what "Bye, Felicia" means and they'll probably tell you, they're referencing some bug-a-boo chick out there. Maybe even a THOT. Nicole Richie explains it hilariously in this video the simplest way she knows how, to Ryan Seacrest:

In the article I read they were trying to say the origin of the saying was explained in a  scene in the movie where they threw the naked girl out into the hallway for having her boyfriend come look for her in a hotel room full of N.W.A's groupies.  
But it's a saying people, it's an expression for goodness sakes!

Let the film be what it is, a motion picture, a biopic, about N.W.A the group who revolutionized "Gangster Rap".
Instead of praising the producers and director for uplifting new, young, fresh talented black actors, some have decided to focus solely on the negatives. That bothers me!
The media is something else!

Just let the film be what it is.

(**Jumps off soap box and exits stage right**)

In case you missed it read my review of the movie, "Straight Outta Compton": http://www.nicolealiciaonline.com/2015/08/straigh-outta-compton-movie-review.html

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