The New School Comedy: My Favorite YouTube Funny Guys

I love a good laugh! Who doesn't?

These YouTube sensations will have you laughing so hard, you'll cry! There seems to be an abundance of these sketch-like comedies on the internet now days, but I'd like share with you my favorites!


I first stumbled across these guys back in 2011-12. I wasn't as much of a YouTube watcher back then, but was madly addicted to ABG, (AwkwardBlack Girl) starring hilariously talented Issa Rae,and YouTube suggested Dormtainment! Seriously, I think I binge watched their channel for about 2 days!

Months later they made Issa's list for her Ratchetpiece Theatre another one of my favorites we'll talk about in another post!

Mike Anthony, Tay, Cam, Rome, Amanual and Chaz are so relatable and loveable in their sketches! Each of them have comedic, but distinct personalities and remind me of some of the guys I went to College with. Or your goofy cousin or maybe just the guy down the block.
I'd like to hug them all though!
It's been so cool to watch them progress throughout the years too.They started in Atlanta as actual College students and now have made it to Los Angeles!

They've done Tours, they've had a couple of episodes ("SixGuys, One Car") on Comedy Central and they have mixtapes! Question is what don’t they do? (I still sing bawlin' on a budget at the store!)
It's really hard to pick my favorite video, I have more than a few, but I'll go with these two below!

This next guy, TPindell is hot and funny! The more you watch his channel you can tell this guy is more than just comedic, he's a talented actor. 
He's got a fitness channel and a comedy channel on YouTube. He does these outrageous skits and spoofs! He's done Trinidad James "All Gold Everything", Carly Ray Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe","Fifty Shades Of Grey", and "Love and Hip Hop ATL".

I'm not sure there's a topic he's not afraid to take on either, go to his channel...you'll see what I'm talking about!

Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson

These brothers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson got me with the funny songs about everyday topics that were simply hilarious!
You've probably seen one half of this duo, Emmanuel Hudson on the new Wild n' out on MTV2. See my favorites below!

Cumulatively, what I like about all these guys is that they have hilarious relatable material!
Who's your favorite YouTube sensation? Were they included in this list your favorite? If not tell me who yours is!

Hope these give you a good laugh! Have a great weekend guys!

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