5 Misconceptions About Love

I've been in love a couple of times in my life. I've had my heart broken unnecessarily.

I know a couple of friends who have too but what I think about love, some may have a different opinion depending on your experiences. 

What I'm discovering or have discovered these days is that a lot viewpoints about Love is either jaded or slanted.

Mary J. Blige sang about "Real Love", but the harsh truth is that very of us few will ever experience it or even have our eyes open wide enough to recognize it.

Throughout different relationships, I have had to learn the hard way what love is and isn't...at least for me personally.

People can tell you what it is and isn't but most times you have to learn for yourself. 

Here's some of the misconceptions I've ran across where people have it a bit twisted:

1. Love, it's temporary
I'd like to say that many would say that it's temporary. Nothing last forever right? I'd like to say that real love is forever. Period. Real love for someone never fully goes away.

2. You have to do crazy stuff in order to obtain it
Love doesn't require you to do something in return to earn it. That's just called manipulation.

3. It's based off of popularity or status
If your love is revolving around the popularity of an individual 

4. It's based off of sex or looks
If you love someone based on how good the sex is or how they look it's called lust not love. (Another topic I may cover at a later time)

5. It's should be based off how much stuff the person has (Possessions)
Please see explanation from points 3 & 4!

What other misconceptions do you think people, your friends or yourself had at one time?

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