Blankets, Hot Chocolate and Movie Marathons

Temps are cooling and hoodie weather is here!
Leaves are falling from the trees and all the different colors are beautiful!
A crispness in the air as I've said brings out the school days memories!
It's getting darker earlier and lighter later in the morning.
Some say it's "cuffing" season. 
I'm proud to say I'm already "cuffed"! 

Blankets, Hot Chocolate and movie marathons!

Some say it's "cuffing" season... 
I'm proud to say, I'm already "cuffed"!

Monday night Football and Friday Night Football School games are here!
School is back in session, kids are back and in the groove, while parents hustle hard everyday at work.

I used to not like this time of year, but it's growing on me.

Fall is here again, ya'll!

What are your plans this Autumn?

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