Grandmomma's Are The Glue: My Labor Day Story

I hate holidays now secretly. 

Except for Christmas...

My Grandmother, Alice Marie, which I spent a lot of time with (weekends, spring breaks and such) as a child passed away 10 years ago this July and I miss her more and more with each passing year!
Labor Day is here folks and other than maybe a party I might end up going to, I plan to enjoy my day off with my son since the hubby probably has to work.

To say the least holidays have changed and I'm still not used to it.

For almost all holidays back in the day everyone would meet at Grandma's house.I always looked forward to seeing family. All my cousins would be there, Grandma would cook, my grandfather would try to barbeque (I say try because I never liked it,lol) and it was party! 

We would sit out on her patio in the backyard and take in the fresh air until dusk. I would go out into the yard and swing on my favorite playset and eat popsicles until it got dark.
Most of the cousins I used to play with as a child have either sadly passed away, moved or we just don't see each anymore. Everyone is older and has their own family.

Now days, I may go to my aunt and uncles house and kick it with my little cousins and parents, but that's about it. Plus back then you didn't have to get up and go to work the next day.
I sure miss those times and I am so ready to start my own traditions when we get a house of our own.

But Grandma sure was the glue that held our family together. And I miss her so!

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