How To Be a Morning Person When You're Not

I'm not a morning person. 

When the alarm on my phone goes off at 5:55am during the week, I roll over and grab it from my night stand and scramble to shut the thing up. Mind you I have to:

1.       Get up, go use the restroom, iron my clothes, sometimes pick them out if I don’t like my outfit

2.       Get dressed, do Makeup, hair

3.       Get the baby together

4.       Drop baby off at daycare

5.       Grab breakfast

6.       Finally head to work

I don't like getting up super early in the morning and this cooler weather that's coming is going to make even more difficult. If you're like me, getting out of that nice warm comfy bed in the morning is more than a challenge.
Here lately my 1 year old has been sleeping pretty peacefully through the night which has helped considerably with me getting up on time but still I'm struggling.

I like to stay up late and work also and I'm sure that's not helping with my efforts at all.
My grandmother used to say "It is the early bird who catches the worm" but at the pace I'm going I'll never catch anything.

So I started researching how I could possibly become a morning person, or at least wake up and not have to make a mad dash for the door every single morning, if that is even possible.

Not to mention I'd like to kick my horrible coffee habit in preparation for baby#2 (I know they say you can drink it while pregnant but I just ditch the caffeine period when I'm prego)

I know the obvious which is go to bed earlier, prep your kid's clothes the night before and get consistent rest but what if that isn't all possible all the time. I was looking for more.

Here are 3 little things that I am going to challenge myself to do consistently starting next week:

1. Grab breakfast at home (I'll be saving $$ and time)

2. Write, Meditate, Read Scripture before my feet hit the floor

3. Get out of the house before 7:30am each morning

  Are you just not a morning person? Wanting to change this too?

If you're willing to do this challenge, follow me on Twitter @nicolealicia2 and we can be each other's accountability partners!

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