Information Highway or Information Overload?


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Oh my goodness, it's everywhere! 


Especially, now you can find so much on the Internet these days. Not to mention Twitter, oh my goodness Twitter is another story for another day.

I love the Internet! But can the Internet be a negative sometime instead of a positive? I think I am seriously suffering from a major information overload. Seriously, my head might explode. 

But It's all my fault! 

I love learning, but sometimes learning can turn into hours of endless searching on the Internet for me. For example, I have written my first novel and was trying to learn about publishing and self-publishing etc. However, the first site I went to didn't quite give me the answer that I was looking for, so I went on to the next and the next.

Before I knew it I had wasted almost 2 hours just reading while I could have been trying to put together a solid plan.

All in all, the Internet isn't bad just saying I may need to curve my usage a bit and get back to basics!

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