Reassessing Life

I am one who likes to continue growing in life. When I say growth I mean not becoming stagnant, whether its career wise, health wise or relationship. I like to take time periodically and look at where it is I've come from and where I'd like to go. 

My upcoming birthday may have been part of the spark that lit the fire, but two other things like the fact that I'll will have been out of undergrad school 10 years in December and some recent tragedies that have happened recently. I got to thinking, "my goodness, it's been 10 years already!"

I had to ask myself, "Am I where I thought I would be in life back in 2006, when I was a fresh graduate of College?"

For me there is no definite, "Yes" or a "No" quick answer.

Some deaths that have happen recently for me have been a real eye opener. One was a young man I remember from middle school/high school who also hung with my husband from time to time was hit and killed on the highway, age 33. Another was the brother of some of the young ladies I go to church with was murdered in downtown KC, age 23. Then this weekend the older Brother of a guy I knew in High School was killed in a motorcycle accident, age 34.

I have had many folks pass away that were near and dear to my heart, it is especially hard though when they are just snatched out of your life so sudden!

Seems like things have happened back to back and even though these weren't close relatives or friends, I knew the people whose lives it affects and it just makes my heart heavy.
Life is so,so precious, you just never know and I don't want to waste a minute of it!
Death is one thing that can always make me really truly assess and reflect whats really important!

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