The Writer Vs.The Nine-to-Fiver

I like to argue with myself. The conversation went a little something like this the other day…

9 to 5 Nicole:  It's Monday time for work, get up Nic

The Writer: Cool what are we going to do today, write our next novel, perhaps the best short story you've ever read in your entire life! Or oooh, I know maybe a blog post, yes a blog post for nicolealiciaonline.com!
9 to 5 Nic: Nah, just c'mon… get up so we can head to the office, now you know we can't do any of that until tonight until when we get home from work.

The Writer: But why?
9 to 5 Nic: Because bills have be paid and this is the Career Path I've chosen.

The Writer: But why?
9 to 5 Nic: That's a question I asked myself since you came along…but you've always been there. What am I talking about? You've been here since elementary school.

The Writer: Right,Right! I have been here and I'm your true love, your passion! So why don't you just go ahead and make this thing real so we can get published? What are you afraid of? You know you've always been that safe type, too afraid to pursue your dreams? Too safe!
9 to 5 Nic: Hey, hey don't go there! I take risks. Remember when I wore that bright hot pink lipstick last week? You're right, time to stop playing around and get to it. Nothing to, it but to do it! Right?!

The Writer: I think we're starting to see eye to eye. Exactly!
9 to 5 Nic: Ok, let's do this then!

So in having this convo with moi for about the third time in my life, I have decided that I need to concentrate more on my fiction and freelancing. 

I will be minimizing my posts from three posts a week, to one or two starting in October. 

October 1st, I'll be launching my freelance writing site and Author page where you all will be able to read my fiction works, possibly some poetry of mine and get updates on when my debut Novel will be released.

I just decided it was time to refocus since I have been hitting my blog real hard all summer. Time to roll into a new season with new goals.

I'll still be active on my social media pages daily, so be sure to say "hey" or "what's up", maybe after the first of 2016 we'll see what dirrection nicolealiciaonline.com will take.

Until Wednesday...

Love ya!

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