Thirty-One Things To Do When I'm 31

They say that Virgo's can be private, they need there alone time, we are modest, we can't sleep if we're stressed, we over think everything and that is all true, I share the same Birthday as a lot of celeb Virgo's like BeyoncĂ©, Queen "B". 

Since it is the eve of my Birthday, I thought I would write a little post of what I've learned in the last year.

Priorities are definitely different than they were 10 years ago when I was about to turn 21, I don't really get stuck on age too much because I don't feel my age.
This year was pretty eventful, my son turned one, my husband decided to follow his dreams of opening a boxing gym, I decided to stop doubting myself and write for real, for real like seriously, we paid off some major debt (whoohoo)!

Thirty-One Things To Do When I'm 31:

1.       Publish a book

2.       Go to a park, have a picnic, lay on a blanket and look up and cloud watch

3.      Continue working out

4.      Have another baby

5.      Go to a game at my Alma mater

6.     Sit on the floor, play video games and eat kettle corn

7.     Travel outside of Missouri/Kansas (I need a vacation bad!)

8.     Become friends with some awesome Writers

9.     Go to a Writer's conference

10.   Be consistent at one thing

11.   Start playing Tennis again

12.   Stop and smell the roses more often (literally)

13.   Go on a savings spree

14.   Stop eating fast food, so much

15.   Get published in a popular magazine

16.   Take a Yoga class

17.   Follow my dreams

18.   Get a good camera

19.   Take lots of photos

20.   Enjoy music more

21.   Do more sweet things for my husband

22.   Give more to my community-Volunteer more

23.   Get another piercing

24.   Get another tattoo

25.   Dance more

26.   Drink more water and less caffeine

27.   Reach out to Family and Friends more

28.   Don't sweat the small stuff

29.   Do better at letting stuff go (This is a life time to-do)

30.   Really study the Bible more thoroughly

31.   Try and try all 31 flavors at Baskin & Robins

Main point is to live life and to the fullest and with Purpose! 

Live your best life right?

Have a great Weekend! 

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