3 Coffee Spots For Freelancers In Kansas City

Happy Friday! We made it you guys, the weekend is here :)

This week I had the opportunity to go around to a couple independent coffee spots here in Kansas City and do two things I love to do best...drink coffee and write!

Now don't be jealous, I was on a mission! I had a ton of business planning I was doing as well as working on a couple of projects. So it wasn't all for pleasure, but I figured I'd share my experiences.

First one, I went to was a little spot my cousin had taken me to on First Friday's down in the Crossroads Art District.

1. Thou Mayest

18th and Locust

Thou Mayest was packed the night we went but cuz had explained to me that at night it turned into a bar. So I decided to venture down there. Here's my breakdown of this spot...

Environment/Ambiance: very mellow, comfortable a lot people dressed in business attire were in an out. The guy I was sitting down the way from looked to be a student. I was sitting downstairs (They have two levels) 

Music: They were playing an eclectic mix of country, folk

The Coffee: Average, I had a latte' it was slammin' :)

Price: About the average as a regular chain coffee shop

Temp: Cool, not freezing...the day I went it was about mid-sixties outside

Noise Level: Quiet enough to concentrate, no head phones needed

Parking: On the street or directly across the street

2. One More Cup

74th and Wornall in Waldo Area

Living in South Kansas City, I had probably passed this little place a zillion times. When I used to work on the Plaza, I kept telling myself I was going to stop in one morning and grab a cup but never did.

Environment/Ambiance: I came at 2pm in the afternoon and aside from myself, this couple that was a table and a girl on the patio that looked like a student it was empty. It had a selection of seating, tables, chairs and comfy chairs. 

Music: They were playing a mix of soul music from the 60's, just my thing so no headphones needed

The Coffee: Ok, I just had a small drip coffee

Price: Very affordable

Temp of the spot: Cold, I had a hoodie on and I was a bit chilled

Noise Level: Quiet, mellow

Parking: On the street or in back

3. Second Best Coffee

85th and Wornall

On this particular morning, I didn't really feel like venturing too far from home, so I looked up coffee spots in South Kansas City. I didn't even know this place was here! It's conveniently close to home and I was actually surprised to find an independent coffee house in this area.

Environment/Ambiance: very bland, simple decor. (I like the bike on the wall in the bathroom) 

Music: They were playing a mix of Rap, like Outkast, Tribe Called Quest, Common ( I liked)

The Coffee: Average, I had a latte'

Price: Average

Temp of the spot: Cold, I had a hoodie on and I was a bit chilled

Noise Level: Loud, there was a guy at the bar who kept holding a convo with the Barista and then another group of girls who seemed to be working on a group project for school. All in all, I may have come at a weird time, but it was 9am.

Parking: There is a parking lot

Stay tuned because I'll probably be making a series out of this. All in all I was surprised to find such awesome spots to chill and get stuff done. Used to be a certain named chain coffee house was the only place to go in Kansas City, MO. Now, there are a variety of independent coffee houses.

Has anyone been to any of these spots? Do you recommend any one place over the other?

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