Hoodie Season: 8 Hoodies To Add To Your Collection This Fall


HOODIES FALL 2015 by nicolealicia featuring a hooded sweatshirt

I'm not fond of the cold weather that has been slowly slipping in. Fall is a bit different, it's like when you stick your feet into the swimming pool and have to slowly slide your body in to adjust to the temperature. I like autumn a bit better than winter's frigidness.
 It's been getting chilly here in Kansas City, Missouri this week and the forecast for the rest of the weekend isn't looking any warmer than the mid-60's. It's that time of year where a jacket is necessary.

On the weekend or just running an errand, I love to throw on a Hoodie. Yes! God bless whoever invented Hoodies! What did people do hoodies what did we do? I don't even know?!
It's kind of comforting when I get to pull that Hoodie over my head, slip on my favorite pair of jeans and sneaks and just go!

So I thought I would put together a little montage of cute Hoodies I plan on adding to my collection this year.

Happy Hoodie season!

Are there any other "Hoodie fans" out there?

P.S. That Karl Kani one is a classic isn't it?! 

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