Is Reality Now The #Westbrooks?

When I saw #The Westbrooks advertised initially, I thought that the show was going to be a about one of my favorite basketball players, Russell Westbrook and his Wife.

But then, I saw the lengthier promo on BET, I was like whoa! Who are those girls and why do they have their own show? 

Now I'm on every social media outlet known to man, but I had never heard of the ladies until last week.

Then this week, when the show premeired I kept seeing little tweets on my timeline about the show, both good and bad, so I decided to watch for myself.
(I attempted to watch online but thanks to BET and it's stupid repeat commercial of the same 30 second ad 6 times before the show continued, I gave up 17 mins in. So disclaimer: I didn't see the entire episode!)

I had seen probably enough, to get a good feel for what this was about. 

So the gist of what I got was:

5 young beautiful sisters from Cali, that want to throw a pool party in there parents backyard, that are looking to "Brand" themselves in order to become hotter. Oh yeah, they have like a bazillion followers on Instagram and Twitter, which makes them super cool, I guess. Did I leave anything out? 

When I found out the "how" of why they were even "famous" and I do use the term very loosely, I said "Wow." 

And I know I sound old when I say this,but,the only reality show I knew growing up was the show "Cops". Haven't we come along way :)

Now don't get me wrong, I will catch an occasional piece of an episode of "Housewives of ATL" or "Love & Hip-Hop" or "Braxton Family Values" for my weekly taste of Tea. Yes, I'm guilty of watching this ridiculousness yes.

But what is this? It's nice that these beautiful girls are popular on Instagram and other Social Media platforms but so are about 10,000 others who are actually talented.

Since BET is handing out reality shows nowadays, I'd like one too! But it would only probably have 1 episode because it would get canceled due to low ratings. 

Reason being:
1. I don't have a bunch of siblings to fight with
2.I am not a gorgeous model with lots of boyfriend drama
3. I don't have a group of friends that are super catty 
4.I don't hang with girls I don't like that I want to fight. 

But if I did get a show, it would be called, "Adventures with the Logans: A Writer, A Fighter and A Toddler". Sounds boring huh?

What do y'all think?  Are you buying what BET is selling? I'm not buying. I'll pass on this one.


  1. Girl! I love this post! Although I did not watch or do not know what this show is, I know that I am so done with reality shows! I am watching Being Mary Jane on BET online and I feel you on those same commercials replaying! Love your blog! Looking forward to more of your posts!

    1. Hi Cicely-

      Thank you for the love! Yes BET is getting down right ridiculous. Other than RHOH and Being Mary Jane that's about it!

  2. I think I would watch your reality show!! Toddlers can be sneaky creatures sometimes! LOL