Why I Abandoned Nightclubs

A popular DJ in the city, I know and follow, tweeted this article about how us "millennials" are abandoning clubs. I clicked on the link and read the article from, Insider Magazine.com. Not only was the article accurate, but informational as well.

I remember when my friends and I first started going to clubs. There was an 18 and up club that we started going to in Kansas, as freshman in College. We couldn't drink but, it was a really big deal to us. We really thought we were doing something.

Now looking back on those times, I laugh uncontrollably. What were we doing in a club with other 25 year olds and older men at that age. Eww gross!

When I was in College, my friends and I would go to get all dolled up, drink, dance and meet guys. When I was dating my husband, he really didn't come out the house much. But I ended up pushing him and we would go to clubs and bars nearly every weekend.
It was a good time!

Now as parents, things have changed a bit. Well, more than a bit.

The last time I went to the club, I found it super annoying that it was so packed in this place that I and my girls could barely move. We kept getting bumped by guys and girls, who couldn't have cared less that they almost made you spill your drink on yourself.

Not only that, they were playing a horrible mix of 90's music that nobody listened to and early 2000's rap.

I think age wise, the older you get the less tolerant you are of somethings. If I go to an establishment now, I definitely have VIP so that I have a table to sit down at. (I'm too old to be standing around in stiletto heals all night!)

There are so many risks now days also, some people especially in Kansas City, Missouri have no regard for human life. I often fear that just going out having a good time is like risking your life, a chance I don't want to take lately.

So, Wii, Playstation, Redbox, Netflix, or Amazon Prime often have my family and I's attention on the weekend. 

But when I do get the urge to go out and shake a tail feather with bae, I am very, very selective about it.

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