3 Reasons Why Bae Isn't On Social Media

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"You're not on social media, why?"

Today it's so funny that if someone asks, "Are you on social media?" and the answer is "No". You're looked at weird, odd, not hip.

Bae, commonly referred to as my husband, isn't on Facebook, the 'Gram, Twitter or Snapchat. He was, but decided against it after getting hacked twice and random messages from ex's trying to reconnect.

Heck, if your Uncle, Granny and Momma are why aren't you?

What? You're really not a fan of having your life blasted all over the internet permanently? What's wrong with you?

Having random people that you don't know, or do, have access to you and your life events at any time isn't a good reason to be skittish or standoffish of social media?

All good reasons too!

And I know what you're think...No he's not on the run from the cops, shy or unattractive.

As he calls it, unless you have a "purpose" or you're a celebrity you're lame for being on Twitter. It's all fake.

He doesn't understand why a male (Neither do I, unless you are Usher, August Alsina or Trey Songz :) ) would get on social media and display themselves in underwear with the imprint of there male parts vividly showing (As rapper The Game did) or display themselves shirtless for "Likes", "Friends" or "Follows".

Also, had one of my ex's try to friend him on FB. He know's the guy and has talked to him before,but we were still not sure what that was about.

"Why would you want to be friends with the guy who did your wife scandalous for years? Beats me."


Here's Bae's Top 3 Reasons Of Why He's Not On Social Media:

1. Unneeded Drama, Thirsty Women...need I say more.
As I told you previously, unwanted people trying to get at you. Period. If you're in a relationship and your ex is constantly in your comments or DM's it's not a good look.There were a couple of incidents of former girlfriends or girls that he knew back in the day dropping messages in his inbox. 

Uh, big no no! Totally inappropriate to be messaging a married man. You know who you are!

2. Too Many Trolls, Weirdos.
There are so many people who like to attack what you say and argue. "Who has time for it", he said.

3. People Are Lame
Unless it's for business purposes that is, but for personal use only some people need it. He feels some type of way about guys and girls airing their dirty laundry on social media. All the whining and crying, blah blah blah it's just a mess.

All in all, as the saying goes "Everything ain't for Everybody".

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