MU Controversy: So Relatable and Yet Saddening

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I loved my College experience. Alot!

I love sharing stories of my experiences and feel like going away to College, helped me develop as a young woman. I forever cherish the good memories and the bad!

I didn't attend University Missouri at Columbia, and have only visited there once for a Football game. I do know a couple of friends who attended and some graduated.

I attend a college in Northwestern Missouri, Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. A small town, with only 77,147 population (According to Google in 2013) that was predominately white.

I never experienced anything exactly like the incidents like what happened on MU's campus at my school, MWSU and but speculate unfortunately that this isn't anything new. 

But at MWSU, what I did experience was caucasian students from Iowa, Nebraska and rural areas in Missouri all coming into a very diverse environment they had never been in before. Coming from schools and towns that were 99% white. And certainly not saying that EVERYONE who comes from a school or town like this is predijust.

Most of the black students Freshman year, were students who came from inner city high schools or like me, came from a very diverse schooling background with all colors of the rainbow.

Some were very accepting of people different that were not of their culture. Anxious to learn and become friends with those they had never seen that were a different race or had to relate to and even live with in the dorms. 

Unfortunately, like my roommate Sophomore year that was from Iowa, would never be accepting and didn't care to be. Although an alcoholic, she was more unfriendly and scared of me, than I was of her.

If you have leaders who don't do anything and are accepting of racism and hate incidents that occur on campus this is unacceptable!

I like the movie, "Dear White People", I could relate in a way. Now I didn't attend an Ivy League school, but there was a small group of black students on a mainly white campus, similar to how my situation was. I don't remember there being any incidents to the severity like what happened at MU or like on the movie though. 

Fact is, some people think that in 2015 this is okay, and it's not!

What happened or had been happening should not have been taken as a joke and I applaud the student's who protested. Especially, Mr. Jonathan Butler, who they named in a New York Times article, as a student that was fasting until the President resigned. 

It just shows the dire seriousness of the situation.

My father went to a neighboring University, actually MWSU's rival, NWMSU in Maryville, Missouri in the 60's and experienced what he described as "hatred like you wouldn't believe." 

It is so sad that the same thing that my Dad was experiencing as a College student in 1969, is still happening today!

This time the revolution was televised, yet again... and I loved every bit of it!

Right on!

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