New Video from Gee Watts - Hallelujah ft. Master Rocs

If the black and white visualization of the last supper with Popeye's Chicken and black Jesus playing basketball don't grab your attention, maybe the lyrics will.

While watching rapper, Gee Watts video,"Hallelujah" ft. Master Rocs you maybe a bit offended imagery and entertained at the same time.

"Hallelujah,"a term of praise or thanks yes, but in this video has a shadier celebratory meaning. But with good reason. 

Praises for still being alive. As the catchy chorus chants, "Thank God them killas ain't shoot ya". We can't help but want to know, "Whoa, what's that about, what's the story behind those lyrics?"

A slow, melodic beat, coupled with a dragging bounce to it, Gee Watts gives us a taste of a track off his forthcoming album, "CaviART".

Gee Watts, is no stranger to the music scene in Kansas City, but well known other places. Last year he opened for west coast rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Unlike his lyrics, the cover art for his album is simplistic in taste, using only a yellow, neon illuminated cross on a black background. 

"CaviART" is set to be released February 2016. Fans are eager to hear what this album will bring to the table, since his last release in 2014.

His music is definitely music you can vibe to, another representative of great representative of the Kansas City's eclectic mix of recording artists.

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