Nicole Alicia's Movie Review of "Creed"

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I was so excited for Thursday! 

Yes because of Thanksgiving, family and food, but also because of the movie "Creed" with Michael B. Jordan, hitting theatres that day!

As a boxing fan and fan of Michael B. Jordan, I was excited to see not only how ripped his body was (whoa, he is fine ain't he ladies), but also I was looking to see how realistic the movie was going to be to the real boxing fans.

 It was pretty darn close.

Not going to give any spoiler alerts, so here we go!

I went to see this movie at 9:15pm on Thanksgiving night at the Plaza Cinemark Theatres, which is a ways from my house because other theatres closer to my house were sold out.

The theatre was packed for this movie!

Michael B. Jordan, who I became a fan of early on as he played his short lived part on my favorite crime series ever, "The Wire". Playing the character of Wallace, a runner for the Barksdale crew in the projects who was later shot to death by his cohorts Bodie and Poot. Most recently in 2013 we saw him give another riveting performance in "Fruitvale Station" also directed by Ryan Coogler, playing Oscar Grant.

In "Creed", Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, son of famous boxer Apollo Creed. Adonis is a hungry boxer that is looking to find his own way, avoiding the shadows of his father that he never knew. He is taken in by his father's wife, played by Phylicia Rashad. She comes to take him from a juvenile facility even though he wasn't her biological child. 

After a series of events,he leaves his home in Hollywood and decides to journey to Philadelphia to train as a real fighter. He summons the help of his father's friend and ex-opponent Rocky Balboa aka the legendary Sylvester Stallone, although resistant to become his trainer.

He meets a love interest along the way, the beautiful Tessa Thompson who I love, love, love from the movie "Dear White People". Michael and Tessa seemed to have a cute little chemistry on screen.

It was also nice to see real Boxers like Andre Ward and Tony Bellew, in the flick as well.

Michael B. Jordan is becoming a well-known black actor in Hollywood. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of him on the big screen! 

And by the looks of the way this one ended, maybe there's a sequel in the works?

Thoughts, Comments, Opinions?

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