Happy New Year's!

I don't know about you, but 2015 really went quickly. There were many exciting events, I experienced like being published and writing for others. Some saddening, disappointing events one in particular that pushed me into being able to pursue my passion for writing full-time (which I had been praying I'd be able to do). Which I was totally excited and am excited about.

I love New Year's! The holiday is a time for reflection but it's also a time to celebrate your accomplishments and bask in the possibilities of what's to come.

All in all, this past year has been quite interesting. Looking back on this year, at 31 years old I am learning that life is never the same all the time. Which for me is what makes it interesting.

This year not only have I managed to finally finish my manuscript for my first novel (yay), but I have written posts for several different websites building up a pretty nice portfolio. Also, I had my first print article published.

For 2016, I have an abundance of plans of which I am super excited about. However, I know that most of the time while I make my own plans, God comes along and says, "Oh really" and changes them for the better. I am most excited also to see what God has in store for me in 2016. 

Being able to pursue my writing career full-time, I am focused on getting my first fiction novel published and into the hands of my readers. On NicoleAliciaOnline.com, I totally am going to be giving my blog readers more consistency and focusing on certain topics y'all want to hear and know about.

This year I am looking forward to connecting with more of my readers and other writers as well. Also strengthening relationships with connections that I've had since the beginning of my blogging career back in 2008, like Ms. Dre over at So She Writes and Paige Love Rose and making other connections.

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I pray that 2016 is a blessed one!

What goals are you aiming for this year?

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