Let's Try This Again...Take My Reader Poll! (It Actually Works Now)

Hi Ladies and Gents!

I'm coming to you today, here in the all the snow in Kansas City, Missouri. It's not a ton, but it's something to look at.

Anyways, last week I asked for your help...

Apparently you tried to respond to my "help a sista out" campaign, but the poll didn't work. My bad, how embarrassing!
 (Okay, okay poor management on my behalf. I forgot to test it before I posted it)

Long story short, shout out to my friend Joslyn who was kind enough to let me know.

So let's try this again with a bit of incentive. The first 5 people to take the survey will win a FREE grab bag from yours truly!
 (Disclaimer: I'm not Oprah, so so don't expect a car or anything huge. This will be a simple token of my thanks! When you complete survey send an email to nicolealicia2@gmail.com and include your shipping address.)

*****To take survey click here!******

Again my apologies if you tried this last week and it didn't work. 
Readers as always, I thank you for your continued support, feedback and encouragement!

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