Motivation Monday: 8 Tips To Staying Motivated Throughout The Year

It's the first week of a brand new year! Oh the endless possibilities!

Traditionally, some of us have taken on a "new year's resolution" that soon after this week or even this month, will be forgotten and tossed aside for our daily to-do's, work, kids and all the other miscellaneous items that life brings.

I'm not sure about you, but for me I've found though that resolutions don't work. Goal setting and plans do, however. But even though you make these certain plans, how are you supposed to stick to them? How can we stay motivated enough to keep plugging away and not give up easily? 

As women, we juggle so much on a daily. We get worn down, sidetracked and the motivation to pursue our goals goes out the window. We're human and things happen, what's important is to notice when you're slacking and be able to pick it back up and move ahead!

How do I stay motivated you may ask? There's no definite answer. Here are a few things that have worked for me, but really have to find out what works best for you personally.

Here are some things I do to try keep my momentum going and stay motivated. Sure, I fall off all the time, but remember it's okay to fall off once in awhile. Let's just not stay there! So here we go...

8 Tips To Stay Motivated Throughout The Year:

1. Make a list of a few places that really get your juices flowing mentally
There is one area I go to here in Kansas City that always gets me motivated. Westport area and Downtown Kansas City really does it for me. 

2. Prayer
I think what we can forget sometimes is that we aren't ever in this alone. Many times we try to do it all ourselves and then wonder why we're so tired and so forth. Take it to the lord in prayer, I promise you he will help you ease the load. 

3. What's Your Core Reason?
Money is fine, but if that's all that motivates you, you might be in a rude awakening down the road. When you find a deeper reason you'll be more likely to stay on the path. For me my son and family are major motivators. Have you asked yourself what really motivates you ?

4. Make a list
Try listing out the things that keep you motivated and keep you going. Post somewhere you will see it daily. Tape it to your bathroom mirror, paste it over your kitchen sink, on your car dash, if you're a digital girl save 'em on your phone. Maybe you need to have them in multiple places whatever you need...you get the idea.

5. Music
Playlist are huge helpers for me. I love music. I have started a vinyl collection and have a record player. I love to sit and listen to music. Music can help you get through a difficult day, it can help you relax and refocus as well. It's a major destresser for me.Try making a playlist of songs that motivate you to do whatever it is you're trying to do.

6. Make Sure You Are Rewarding Yourself
We need to recognize when we're doing good. Often times we just keep going and going until we burn out. Somewhere in between we need to stop and reward ourselves daily I believe! Whether it's a daily carmel macchiato from "buckies" or reading a chapter from that novel you've been trying to finish for the last 6 months. My favorite is a hot shower at the end of a long day!

7. Connect With Others (No not on Social Media)
Psychology 101 tells us that human interaction is needed for a healthy lifestyle. I think that's what maybe wrong with the world nowadays and especially this new generation! People are so heavily reliable on technology. Let's stop and call up that friend you may not have seen for awhile and set up a lunch date or go to happy hour and just catch up. It's not only rewarding to connect with others but just sharing ideas with other in person can help.

8. Goals, revisit them often!
Remember when you made those goals last year? Where are they? Did you accomplish them? If not why? Figure out what you need to do today in order to keep on track for 2016. Keep that list handy like #4, post them somewhere you can look at it daily. 

Recognize what works well for you and what doesn't. Tweek it along the way as necessary!

Have you figured out how to stay motivated for 2016?Comment below!

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