Music Monday: AccentedSounds

Growing up in the 80's, Saturday morning was cleaning day in our home. I often woke to my Dad playing albums on the stereo in our living room. Zapp Band, Earth, Wind, & Fire and Art of Noise filled our apartment. I loved hearing the horns on one song in particular, EWF "Can't Hide Love". It's still one of my fav's today.

We live in such a digital world today! Live instrumentation is what I truly love at heart being a former musician myself. But we rarely hear live instruments unless in concert backing up an artist or as sample of an older song on one our favorite hip-hop records.

But that's the beauty of art, we are free to create how we see fit! Contrary to what some may think, there are some out there creating something different from the norm. 

He goes by the name AccentedSounds on his SoundCloud page. An young artist I discovered out of Virginia recently that really creates and "out-the-box" type of sound. 

Cordell Riddick is the guy behind AccentedSounds and he most definitely is as described on his page. A musician and a talented one, if I may say so myself. He does it all, producing, playing the saxophonist, pianist, percussionist and guitarist. Who does that anymore these days?

He hasn't created an entire project as of yet, but needs to soon because it would be lovely music to ride to or listen to vibe out or chill. I mean the 3 minute tracks alone aren't enough.

He's speaking through his music without even talking though, which I love. Tracks like "Jonny's Mind", "Chill Dayz Intro", a soft saxophone melody mixed with a nice mellow beat makes for an interesting blend. The composure of the songs are put together well also. You can hear the first verse, chorus, etc. on most songs but not all which makes it fun to listen to, not rudimentary.

Saxa Blanca, is another smooth Jazz tune that was one of my favorite out of the tracks posted.

It's refreshing to hear something different from the ordinary. You can tell he's got a creative mind and that translates into his music.

So if you're into a little Neo-Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop be sure to take a listen!

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