To Niche Or Not To Niche


I'm so excited to come to you guys again! I know some of you are wondering what happened and where I've been. Last post, I took a poll to see what it was that you, my readers liked the most but wait let me reverse and back up...

I started blogging back in 2008 before the blogosphere became crowded. Originally this was just a way for me to express myself and consistently work on my passion for writing. Soon I figured out that I didn't want this to just be a hobby and toyed around with the idea of becoming a professional writer. I had always excelled at writing in school and did well. However at the time entrepreneurship wasn't even on my radar being 2 years out of college, all I knew (or what I thought) was that I was supposed to be working a nice corporate job be miserable and do that until I retired.

Well, almost 10 years later and whole different mind set I have started my own freelance writing service Nicole Alicia Writes and have also decided to self-publish a novella as well as a novel this year (my pen name is Daysha Devine).

Earlier this year, I took a mini e-course that was explaining about how to turn blogging into a business. I wanted to go back to basics and see if it was possibility I could start to make money from mine. I had always blogged about several different topics, not because I didn't know what a niche' was it was because I just refused to choose one subject. I gave it some serious thought as to what niche I could pick. I have went back and forth and wrecked my brain. I just can't.

I may do a rebrand later on this year and this niche may come to me.For now though, Nicole Alicia Online will remain basically the same.

Just wanted to update you guys on where I was at. I appreciate the support of those who have been rocking with me from the beginning and those who may have just discovered me recently. 

P.S. I continue to take pitches for reviews and such, but just know that I may not be able to do them right away like last time.

Much love,

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